How to Empty the Deleted Items Folder Automatically in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Mostly we have to delete some of items from our inbox which could be not useful emails, tasks, calendars and many more. These items after deleting are stored in “Deleted Items” folder. If we want to clean this folder then we usually delete manually those items from the folder but in outlook you can set automatically delete option that make this possible for you. Let’s start step by step to use this feature in Microsoft Outlook Email 2016.

  1. Open email account.


  1. To Turn on automatic deletion of contents of “Deleted Items” folder, option go to “File”.


  1. On the backstage, click on ‘Options’ as shown in the image below.


4.Click on ‘Advanced’ in options list. Then you will see the ‘Outlook start and exit’ section. Check the option ‘Empty Deleted Items folders when existing Outlook’ and click ‘OK’ as shown in the image below.


5.By these settings you can set “Deleted Items” to be emptied automatically, when ever you exit Outlook. When you exist Outlook, a confirmation message will pop up, confirming the deletion of items. For your confirmation click on “Yes” or “No” as shown in the image below.


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