Looking for the best digital camera on the Market?

If you are looking to capture all those magical moments in your life you can not go cheap on a digital camera.   A decent Digital Camera can range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  It is important that you stay within your budget but invest the time in some serious research.  There are hundreds of websites that you can purchase the camera from along with lots of product review websites.  I have found a few on the internet and I’ll like to some of them here.  I like getpushreel.com It is a simple site with some very useful reviews.  Here are some links to great cameras.

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I recommend purchasing a DSLR camera if you really enjoy taking pictures.  They are big and bulky but provide a far greater control over the camera.  You have hundreds of options to expand the camera’s capability.  Which will allow you to change the lenses and it almost feels like a new camera.  Their is a learning curve with these but you can find local camera classes which are an amazing way to learn how to use your camera to it’s full potential.  I own a few cameras but the DSLR by far my favorite.  Here is a quick video that explains different type of cameras.

One more important advice.   Don’t buy the most expensive camera and also do not go for the cheapest one.  Compare the options / features and then save up for the camera that will meet your requirements for at least two years.

Good Luck!