Is it a good Idea to buy a Coffee Maker

If you love coffee (like I do) this may be a “stupid” question.  But I have so many of my friends who spend a fortune on coffee.  My best friend spends $8 – $12 every day on coffee!  I never get tired of reminding him that he could get a brand new car for that kind of money!  He always replies with well I cant drink my car!  I have recommended quite a few excellent coffee makers to him but he likes to waste his money.  For most of us we can still enjoy our coffee everyday without going broke.   Investing in a Coffee Maker is the best decision you’ll make.   You can have coffee anytime you want it.  You save money by making it yourself and at a lower price, you save money on gas and most importantly you can get you coffee when your favorite coffee shop is closed!

coffeemaker1 coffeemaker2 coffeemaker3

I have a coffee maker at home and in my office at work.   I drink between 2 – 3 cups every day at about a cost of 50 – 75 cents per cup.   A bargain compared to a $5 cup at Starbucks.  There are many options available when you shop for a coffee maker but you find great reviews and guides at  They have extensive guides on various types and models of coffee makers.

I am listing some of the popular guides here

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Best Coffee Grinder:

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Remember you don’t need to cut back on your coffee if you are looking to save some money.  Just invest in a coffee maker and make your own coffee.  It’s fun, easy and light on the wallet.  I would highly recommend buying coffee maker compared to spending money at expensive coffee shops.

Now go buy a coffee maker and enjoy your coffee!